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    Humanities—Writing For The Professions 343 Anticipates that students will be writing within a greater arena of professional discourse communities.   Precisely, the course concentrates on the practice and study of carefully chosen types of discourse employed in professional workplace situations and assist students to formulate discourse for the different kinds of writing they will encounter in their professional lives.  In fulfilling this end, students will examine rhetorical exposition related to documents found and used in professional contexts; particularly how differing rhetorical situations alter purpose, audience, writer, and text. Students will discover those texts, scrutinize them, analyze them, and model their own writing on them. During the course of a thorough discovery method, students will engage in the writing process, including invention activities, drafting and revising, peer evaluation,  group discussions, editing, and project collaboration. Please note that Writing For The Professions 343, is not an academic writing course—it is designed to improve students’ workplace writing competence as well as foster students’ progression as an emerging, qualified professional.

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     3 hours.


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