• This course helps students develop writing skills for personal use, on the job, and college related or academic writing situations. The course utilizes Native American writings, emphasizing cultural themes as models in many of the assignments. Grammar review and the modes of essay writing are emphasized. Students taking this course learn how to develop a thesis that will then be developed into a proper sequential essay. They will learn how to utilize proper grammar to create narrative, cause and effect, descriptive, compare and contrast and other essays. Prerequisite: RW093 or a placement through testing.

    Course Goal: The goal of this course is to teach students how to write an essay using proper syntax, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  • This course teaches students how to prepare an acceptable research paper. Students are first taught how to focus their topic, brainstorm ideas, draft a thesis statement, and research their topic. Students are then instructed how to use the computer, books, articles, and other sources to support their thesis. They also learn how to introduce, paraphrase, and blend their cited material into their paper in APA documentation format.

     Course Goal: The goal of this course is to teach students how to research and write a research paper using specified style guides.